A revolutionary snack


Without dyes

Preservative free

Gluten free

GMO Free

A revolutionary snack

QB Fruit in soft cubes in packs of 25 grams with six variations created by selecting the most popular fruits. The fragrant and delicate peach, the full-bodied and sweet pear, the strawberry and the cherry with unmistakable flavors and the berries for the most refined palates. And there are also practical 30 grams, soft and delicious QB MIX bars that combine the flavors and aromas of fruit to create an explosion of taste: a mix of fruits, a mix of cranberries and a mix of berries.

Simply fruit.
Nothing else.

The secret of QB Fruit is all in its few ingredients. Only fruit selected and processed just enough to give it a new shape. Only in this way can we maintain all the nutritional properties, the taste and the fresh scent of the fruit. We do not add dyes or preservatives and are gluten-free and GMO-free. Because for us, too, what is not there is more important.

Much more than a snack

QB Fruit is not just a practical snack. It is also an ideal ingredient to enrich sweet and savory recipes. You are spoiled for choice and you can make your dishes more fun and colorful with just a touch of fruit. Try the combinations with cheese, chocolate or wine. An innovative experience in perfect balance between taste and pleasure.

Are you curious?